Sunday, November 24, 2013

There's a plus side and a negative side to the madness...

I just had a long time blogger friend ask me about Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost as she was supposed to review it the middle of December.  Here's what's going on.  Between work and edits, it's taken longer to get the book out than I thought it would.  My editor, Cheryl Malandrinos, told me back in the day to delay the blog tour I had set up because we want the put our best foot out there and at the time I thought I could do it all but discovered it was really hard.  And I balked at first thinking I could do it all, but she was right.  I want this book the best it can be so we're stalling the publication date to the first of December if all goes right.

Now there's a plus side and a negative side to the madness.  I'll start with the negative side first.  I set up a blog tour knowing full well I wanted the book since it was a paranormal to be out (gasp) in September.  September rolled around and it wasn't ready.  October rolled around. The blog tour was in place but the book still wasn't ready.  I've had to move bloggers so many times it's a wonder they still like me.  Maybe they don't.

Now for the positive side.  The book is being totally revamped.  The characters are stronger, the writing is tighter.  The beginning took a major revamp as well as the ending and what I learned along the way through all these edits is that now I know the characters like they were real.  Well, they are real, aren't they?  Henri especially has taken off with a new blog even.  All in all, I think it makes for a better book.

So, we're not in bad shape, I just want the book to be done and out there.  We have a trailer, a book blog and a tour set up so we're good to go for marketing, just have to get the book finished and up on Amazon.

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