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Have you always written paranormal romance mysteries?

I have always loved the genre; but I have dabbled in other genres as well.  I started my writing career writing relationship articles which led to my first book, Romancing the Soul.  Romancing the Soul is an anthology of true soul mate stories I gathered over a year and compiled them into one book separating the stories into different categories - karmic, companion and twin soul - so that the reader will be able to see the difference and relate it to their own lives and help them discover their soul mates. 

It was actually through researching that book which led to my love of the afterlife, but what I wanted to do was fictionalize a story based on facts.  That's where a few friends of mine who share the same interests came up with the idea of writing Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost.

How did all this happen?  

We all shared the same forum that focused on talking about ghosties, that sort of thing.  We were part of a larger group and some of the members got a little weirded out talking about life after death, so we formed our own group.  I had heard about a man who was looking for proof of the afterlife and was offering a million bucks to anyone who could prove ghosts exist and we ran with it creating a fictionalized story based on fact.

So you say fictionalized story based on fact.  What exactly does that mean?

We created characters faintly based on our own lives, gave them names and direction for each of them and it is they who took up this man's offer to find proof that ghosts exist.  The man in question who was looking for proof that ghosts exist became a leading fictionalized character in our book.  He wasn't just looking for proof; he was looking for one in particular - his wife who died years ago.  The thing was -- and any ghost hunter will tell you -- you can seek out a particular ghost but it's no guarantee that one will show up no matter what you do and this is what made it even harder for the girls in the book to find this ghost and win the million dollars.

So when will this book be published?

We plan on September 2015.

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