Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ocean City Sunfest 2010

It’s now the end of November, one week before Thanksgiving, and I’m about to talk to you about the SunFest celebration held in Ocean City, Maryland, in September.  It’s not until now that I got a break from tours (actually our real break comes the second half of December when we take off for two weeks…woohoo!) and I really didn’t want you to miss these beautiful pictures.  So while we’re approaching winter and all the celebrations that go with it (freezing rain, snow, slush, sleet), let’s take a little sun break…
Every year in September, Ocean City holds a huge festival they call SunFest.  This was my very first time going because I usually had to work at my weekend offline job, but I asked off specifically to see what all the hubbub was all about.
Before I go on, I want to mention that if you’re planning a trip there next year, make sure you understand THERE IS NO PARKING.  Serious.  None whatsoever.  So if you don’t have a hotel room on the beach or pretty well near it, you’re pretty well up the creek without a paddle because you’re walking it.
So we had to park at a convenience store on 26th street I believe which meant we had to walk 26 blocks before we hit the craft fair part which was what was taking up the main parking lot.
Was it worth it?
Thank God, it was a beautiful day.  Despite being windy which comes with it being on the water and all, it was still warm and actually hot in parts (could be the 2 mile hike there and back but I digress…).
So I’d like you to see what we found once we got there.  A parade of kites and not just any ol’ kite but super duper monster kites which I would love to take home, hang them from the roof of my condo, and watch  the tourists stare and point.
So here we go…
Ocean City Sunfest 1
Ocean City Sunfest 2
Ocean City Sunfest 3
Ocean City Sunfest 4
Ocean City Sunfest 5
Ocean City Sunfest 6
And after 26 blocks of blood sweat and tears, we finally made it…
Ocean City Sunfest 7

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