Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paula Deen LIVE in concert at Delaware State Fair

Check this out…as of right this very moment, it’s 96 degrees in Chincoteague, Virginia, and God knows what the heat index is, but it has to be pretty well up there.  Yesterday, my friend, it wasn’t much cooler either and just as you would know it, my daughter and I had plans.

Big plans.
Big super duper plans.
Big super super duper duper plans.

That night, we were to go see Paula Deen LIVE in concert at the Delaware State Fair in Harrington, Delaware.

YES!!!  I KNOW!  Isn’t that just the coolest thing????


It. Was. Hot.

But let me tell you something we didn’t know and I’m not sure how many of the rest of the them didn’t know it, but it was OUTSIDE.  No tent.  Blaring sun.  Sweat forming pools around the ankles hot.  Would we have still gone?  Probably the fools that we were, but the concert was FABULOUS.
Island Chick -  Paula Deen 2
Paula Deen was FABULOUS.  There’s her husband all the way to the left and her married son, Jaime (not sure if that’s spelled right) and her grandson, Jack.
Island Chick - Paula Deen 3
Let me tell you, what you see is what you get – Paula Deen is no different live than she is on TV, except with this show, she was more people oriented.  In other words, she was more into getting to know her fans by talking to them from the stage.  She was wonderful!
Island Chick - Paula Deen 4
Here she is (above) talking to us.
Island Chick - Paula Deen 5
Here she is above with her son and grandson.  He was a pistol, I’m telling you.
Island Chick - Paula Deen 6
And you know, as hot as it was, she kept on going..if she was sweating, you’d never know it.  Not a bit of wind and the sun was blaring right on us – I know it was almost 100 degrees out there.  I could have used that cool Michael fan, I’ll tell you that!
Island Chick - Paula Deen
Here she is above with Michael and former  Miss Virginia Hannah (funny no mention of her last name in the brochure that was handed out but Hannah it was).  The guy to the far left was a chef and darn if I can remember his name but he was cool.  Paula made him take off his jacket calling it “inhumane,” lol.
And here’s my favorite picture of all…
Island Chick - Paula Deen 7
LOL, okay what’s she doing?  She was talking about going down the slide at the Harrington Fair.  Sounds like even Paula likes to get down and dirty at fairs!
It was a fantastic concert, despite the fact we had no idea it was going to be outside during a heat wave.  When it ended, there were mobs and mobs of people exiting this one exit, so we took another route – down the racetrack and guess whose  limo passed us?  Yep…beautiful white stretch limo and inside was Paula Deen, our cook show hero and all around great person with the best sense of humor you’ve ever seen.
Great show…if you’d like to watch part of it, here you go!

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