Monday, January 13, 2014

Latest News in the Indie World - January 13 2013

I like to keep updated with the latest trends in self-publishing for two reasons - one it helps me help Indie authors and two - I will become one any day now.  I'm late in joining the self-publishing circus having prior responsibilities to my business, but little do people know I self-published back in the day - before the Kindle store - using ebooks which at the time not too many people were aware of (What's an ebook? How do you read an e-book?).

I published ebooks myself and sold them on my website.  This is just what we trail-blazing entrepreneurs did back then.  Since Amazon came up with the terrific idea of adding the Kindle store to their empire, this has given a whole new meaning to self-publishing, ebooks and what have you as you know.  It's a whole new ball game now making it much easier for Indie authors and publishers as well to sell ebooks which incidentally is selling faster than paperback right now.

So here you go - the latest news in the self-publishing world:

There's an interesting interview with Melissa Foster at Alli, the Self-Publishing Advice blog.  I've seen her around the 'net a lot and I truly admire her.  In this interview, Melissa shares her top self-publishing tips.

Self-Publishing 101: Using the Right Search Words is an interesting article for those who are self-publishing for the first time.  Did you know Amazon asks you for seven search words for their store?  Do you know the right ones to choose?  Do you know the ones to avoid?

And we get a formal apology to self-published authors from Natalie Whipple.  I've seen this around the net lately, haven't really had time to figure out why she needed to apologize so I did so now.  You have to pat her on her back.  She had the courage to admit that self-publishing isn't so darn bad.  Back in the day, she, along with most authors, stayed far far away from being classed into the self-publishing cell block.  Oh no we had too much class for that.  Even if we waited until the sun don't shine or hell froze over.  We forgive you, Natalie, because we're all doing the same darn thing.

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