Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beachin’ it at Nags Head, North Carolina

We are back.  Actually we’ve been back a couple of weeks now and I’m just now posting the pictures, bad me!  I might have do a part 2 as there are so many pictures but Nags Head was beautiful.  This was before the big heat wave thank goodness, but we did have a blast.  It was the perfect vacation.
Nags Head 1
So here’s a picture of Cody aka Cooter and I standing on the beautiful shoreline.  I look hunched over for some odd reason.  Must be the heavy dog.   This was taken in the afternoon but the mornings were the best.  Cooter and I would throw on our bathing suits – well he refused to wear his – run out front for him to do his morning thing, run back in the lobby to grab a cup of coffee, then head out to the beach before everyone else got up.
Nags Head 2
And this is the reason why.  Absolutely beautiful.  Cooter and I walked the beach some and came upon a family playing on the shore line.  The dad was sitting down in the water and the mom was taking a picture and when they weren’t looking, I snapped one myself!  It was just a Normal Rockwell experience if I’ve ever seen one.
Nags Head 3
And here below is back in the room.  Cooter was thirsty!
Nags Head 4
LOL, you can’t even see it, but he’s drinking out of a cup.  The hotel was Comfort Inn South Oceanfront.  The staff was super friendly (even gave Cooter a bone at check in!) and I couldn’t have stayed at a better hotel.  The downside was the fact that the rooms were a little small but everything else made up for it.  Super view.  The ocean was right off your balcony.
Nags Head 5
Nags Head 6
More pictures later but I’ll end this with a riddle.  What do you get when you take one chicken ****  smart *** dog and make him go swimming?
Nags Head 7
You get a dog who sticks his tongue out at you!
Until next time, wavinghand

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